5 Top Reasons To Use Humic Acid For Your Overall Health

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 recovering from the common cold with humic acid

Humic acid is a unique substance, one that is created through geological processes over the course of 80 million years. When the proper amounts of certain organic materials are combined together, humification is possible, especially when factors such as temperature and pressure are at high levels. Humates will be formed as a result of compressing vegetation, plants, fruit trees, and ancient seaweed, creating a byproduct that is rich in humic acid that is very important for human health. This article will discuss the reasons why humic acid should be part of your diet to improve your health.

First of all, let's discuss how humic acid can assist with skin conditions as well as boost your overall immune system. Next, we will present information about where humic acid originated and why your body can benefit from its presence. Plus, we will show you how to get the best humic acid on the market. Humic acid is also known for fighting bronchitis and can also assist those that are susceptible to the common cold. After you have consumed this information, you will have everything that will be needed to understand why your health can be dramatically improved by adding this to your diet.

health benefits of humic acid

1Boosts The Immune System

Both humic and fulvic acids can assist the immune system, boosting it to higher levels so that you can be protected against viruses. There have been studies on rats that were provided with the supplement, which resulted in humoral immune stimulation. There were also other studies that determined that humic acids can work very well with cellular branches and the humoral that contributes to a better immune system. If you have a list of natural remedies that you use for fighting the common cold or the flu, this should certainly be on your list.

Humic acid can also be utilized externally for skin conditions that you may have. Different groups were observed, and the skin quality of participants that used this material went through testing using various types of soap. Over the course of eight weeks, one group had access to soap with humic acid, and the appearance of their skin was improved.

health benefits of humic acid

2Activates Certain Nutrients In The Soil

Humic acid, a product that is the result of geological processes that happened over the course of 80 million years, is a fantastic byproduct for many reasons. Certain geological conditions, including the right temperature and pressure, led to converting organic matter into this substance. Humates are able to form when compressed over time, specifically when compressing vegetation, fruit trees, plants, and seaweed, leading to mineral-rich humic acid that can help people become more healthy.

Humic acid has also been shown to activate certain nutrients that are typically locked in the soil, which are beneficial to crops. The oxidation process is how this occurs, leading to a net negative charge. This negative charge will, in turn, attract positive ions, such as iron and calcium; these will bind together to form cation exchange capacity improvements. Root growth, along with plant growth, will be improved, particularly when transferring micronutrients into this bioavailable type of food.

 boosting the immune system with humic acid

3Humic Acid Contains Minerals

There are minerals within humic acid that can help anyone become more healthy. The human body always needs minerals for a healthy digestive system, ocular health, bone development, and also mental health. These minerals can also work with enzymes and vitamins to help the body with certain chemical reactions.

In the body, when things begin to break down, mineral deficiencies are often why this occurs. You should never be fooled by the name! Humic acid is not really an acid but is more alkaline than anything. This is important to understand, particularly regarding pH values, as the more water-soluble this material becomes, the more bioavailable the nutrients will be for the human body.

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4Quality Humic Acids Are Alkaline

Even if you take supplements on a daily basis, they may not be fully utilized, leading to expensive urine that you will be producing every day; the following four questions can help you in determining which brand is the best. Is this water-soluble? There is one way to tell if it is pure, specifically for bioavailable fulvic and humic acids, when considering how they dissolve and the way that they bind to the water; if this is designed to be much finer, then this will be much more helpful and bioavailable, especially with highly-concentrated fulvic and humic acids. What is pH? If you are using high-quality fulvic and humic acids, they will be alkaline, which means a rating of at least ten on the pH scale.

What do most labs say? The very best humic acids are often lab-approved. They are going to go through the results, making sure that they are organic compounds, non-GMO compounds, that have not interacted with acid rain that could lead to bad pH levels in the soil. Did this material come from New Mexico? There are some claims regarding fulvic and humic acid; one states that those that originate from New Mexico are actually the best in the world.

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5Fights Bronchitis And The Common Cold

Whenever you feel sick, you may want to consider taking humic acid, as it can act as a remedy. There was a study done in the 1990s with people that used regular doses of fulvic acid and humic acid, allowing them to recover from the common cold both quickly and comfortably. Regardless of the common cold, by simply taking humic acid regularly, you can also help with other ailments, including bronchitis.

There was a comprehensive study that was done regarding humic and fulvic acids, specifically regarding chronic bronchitis, showing that it was much better at alleviating symptoms when compared to the conventional drug therapies. Best of all, it is extremely efficient, and it is safe for children. Have the power to assist your entire family by providing them with humic acid supplements.

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Part of an 80-million-year-old geological process, humic acid is formed over the course of time. There must be proper amounts of organic matter and certain geological conditions, like higher temperature and pressure measurements, that will lead to humification. Mineral-rich humic acid can dramatically improve human health. This article discussed the many reasons why you should include humic acid in your diet if you want to be healthier.

First of all, we took a look at how humic acid has the capability of clearing up certain skin conditions as well as helping you improve your immune system. Next, we discussed where humic acid originates from and why your body can benefit from this material. If you are dealing with bronchitis, quality humic acid can also be helpful, and it can assist with the common cold. Now that you are done reading this information, you have all of the reasons to take humic acid as a supplement to improve your overall health.